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While Ron DeSantis has billionaires and corporate donors on his side, we have the people to hold him accountable!

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Ron DeSantis cares about one thing and one thing only: himself. DeSantis Watch is here to hold the Governor accountable! Join us!
Ron DeSantis is focused on raising money from out-of-state billionaires and corporate donors at the expense of Floridians who are doing everything right but can’t afford the freedom of a roof over their heads or access to quality health care.
We refuse to let Ron DeSantis continue using the people of Florida as stepping stones on his climb up the political ladder. He must be stopped. Join us!
While everyone who works hard and does the right thing deserves to live their version of the American Dream, Ron DeSantis is only dreaming of how to advance his political career.
Ron DeSantis wants to be president. Let’s end his political ambitions for good by defeating him this November.
Under Governor Ron DeSantis, Florida has become unaffordable for Floridians. Fight back!