Governor Ron DeSantis, has instituted an abortion ban in Florida with no exceptions for victims of rape, incest, or human trafficking. He has also led the charge on the banning of books like “Beloved” and “Of Mice and Men” and his policies led to the removal of Martin Luther King, Jr. posters in public schools and libraries. It is time to stand for freedom for women, students, and all of us by telling Ron DeSantis to let us decide how to live our lives without politicians’ mandates.


Ron DeSantis is only looking out for his corporate donors and the wealthy developers who line his pockets with campaign contributions. He’s not looking out for you. While you work hard every single day to provide for your family, Ron DeSantis is fighting to let landlords and developers price gouge you out of your home, which is why under his leadership rents in Florida increased by more than double the national average over the last two years. It is time that we all come together to demand the freedom we have earned including an affordable place to live. Let’s tell the politicians who have put their corporate donors ahead of the people they were elected to serve that we all deserve better.

American Dream

Everyone, no matter our background, where we come from, or who we love, deserves the freedom to know that with hard work, we can provide a good life for our family. But during his time in office, Governor Ron DeSantis has tried to divide us by putting his own political ambitions and corporate donors ahead of what’s best for the people he was elected to serve. We know what we can accomplish when we work together, but while Ron DeSantis has put himself first, our costs have skyrocketed and our freedoms have been curtailed. While Ron DeSantis wants to make our personal medical decisions for us, police who we love and what we learn, and attack people striving for a better future, we are focused on the real issues facing everyday people like lowering the cost of housing and health care, increasing wages, fighting for equal rights for everyone, and ensuring we all have the freedom to live our own American Dream.


Ron DeSantis is the worst kind of politician. He divides us instead of finding common ground. He bends over backwards for his richest campaign donors. He cares more about his ego than he does about our state. He sees his current political office as a personal steppingstone for his national ambitions, and so he panders to extremists across the country. We need leaders who care about more than themselves.


Ron DeSantis is too extreme. He promotes Trump’s Big Lie about a stolen election, bans abortion even in cases of rape and incest, attacks teachers and children for being who they are, and punishes employers for disagreeing with his political agenda. We need leaders who believe in common sense, working with every community, and helping all families.


Private health care decisions should be made by those seeking care, not politicians, including when it comes to abortion care. But extremists like Ron DeSantis have passed abortion bans without exceptions for victims of rape or incest. This is wrong. We need leaders who will put people’s health, safety, and real-life needs first, and leave private health care decisions to a patient, their family, their doctor, and their faith.

Health Care

Private health care decisions should be made by those seeking care, not politicians. But instead of putting people’s health, safety, and real-life needs first, politicians like Ron DeSantis have passed extreme abortion bans with no exceptions for rape or incest, and blocked access to gender affirming care for our most vulnerable communities, all while doing nothing to increase access or lower the cost of health care for all of us.


While Ron DeSantis wants to pass new laws to allow permitless carry of guns in our streets and roll back red flag laws passed after the tragedy at Parkland, we know the consequences of gun violence in the U.S. hurt the most vulnerable among us, especially children. That’s why more than 80% of Americans oppose permitless carry and 63% support banning assault weapons. We need reasonable restrictions on gun access, like banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines to keep our kids safe in schools and our communities safe from our churches to our grocery stores.


Schools should be a safe environment where all of our children get an honest, high-quality education. While our teachers need a raise and our students need supplies, politicians like Ron DeSantis are instead focused on censoring classroom materials. At Ron DeSantis’ direction, schools in Florida have banned books like “Beloved” and “Of Mice and Men” and stopped showing an anti-bullying video for middle and high school students supporting gay and transgender kids. Teachers are even being forced to remove pictures of their same-sex spouses from their desks and peel “safe space” rainbow stickers off their classroom doors. We need real leadership that puts our children’s education, not the divisive agenda of politicians, first.