Every Floridian should have the freedom to be healthy, prosperous, and safe. But under Governor DeSantis, costs in Florida are out of control, with property insurance, utility rates, and rents skyrocketing. Our personal freedoms are under attack, with the passage of a dangerous near-total abortion ban, permitless carry of loaded, concealed guns that make us less safe, and the enforcement of unconstitutional laws that are costing Florida taxpayers millions in court. While our costs continue to rise and our freedoms erode, DeSantis is busy doing favors for his billionaire and corporate donors to advance his own political ambitions instead of providing real relief to Floridians. As Governor, DeSantis has given billions in taxpayer handouts to some of his largest donors, including a $3 billion taxpayer bailout of the insurance industry, as workers and seniors struggle to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table. Ron DeSantis will always do what is best for his own political career because he has no real beliefs outside of advancing his own future ambitions.


Ron DeSantis is only looking out for his corporate donors and the wealthy developers who line his pockets with campaign contributions. He’s not looking out for us. While we work hard every single day to provide for our family, Ron DeSantis is fighting to let landlords, developers, and insurance companies price gouge you out of your home, which is why under his leadership rents in Florida have increased by more than double the national average and we pay more than four times the national average in property insurance costs. It is time that we all come together to demand the freedom we have earned, including an affordable place to live.

American Dream

Everyone, no matter our background, where we come from, or who we love, deserves the freedom to know that with hard work, we can provide a good life for our family. But throughout his time as a politician, Governor Ron DeSantis has tried to divide us by putting his own political ambitions and corporate donors ahead of what’s best for the people he was elected to serve. We know what we can accomplish when we work together, but while Ron DeSantis has put himself first, our costs have skyrocketed and our freedoms have been curtailed. While Ron DeSantis wants to make our personal medical decisions for us, police who we love and what we learn, and attack people striving for a better future, we are focused on the real issues facing everyday people like lowering the cost of housing and health care, increasing wages, fighting for equal rights for everyone, and ensuring we all have the freedom to live our own American Dream.


Ron DeSantis is the worst kind of politician. He divides us instead of finding common ground. He bends over backwards for his richest campaign donors. He cares more about his ego than he does about our state. He sees his current political office as a personal steppingstone for his political ambitions, so he panders to extremists insteading of fixing the real problems facing Floridians. We need leaders who care about more than themselves.


Florida has long been known for being an affordable place where business and people can thrive and all Floridians should have the freedom to know that if we work hard, we’ll be able to afford a better life for our families. While the cost of housing, property and auto insurance, and utility bills in our state are out of control, Governor Ron DeSantis gives tax breaks and handouts to the same developers, insurance companies, and corporate utilities that are price gouging us out of our homes. Floridians deserve financial freedom so we can continue making the best decisions for our families, homes, businesses, and communities so that we can build a brighter future for all of us.


Every Floridian, no matter where we come from or how much we earn, should have the freedom to make private health care decisions without interference from politicians, including when it comes to abortion care. But extremist politician Governor Ron DeSantis signed a near-total ban on abortion in Florida. We need leaders who will protect access to safe and legal abortion care and leave decisions about when and how to start or grow a family to Floridians and those they trust.


Florida Freedom means all of our communities are healthy, prosperous, and safe. But Ron DeSantis put public safety at risk with a dangerous permitless carry law that allows anyone, including criminals, to carry hidden, loaded guns in public while eliminating reasonable restrictions like background checks, training, and permits that ensure responsible gun owners can protect their families and that our communities remain safe from violent crime.


Schools should be a safe environment where all of our children get an honest, high-quality education. While our teachers need a raise and our students need supplies, Governor Ron DeSantis is instead spending millions of our taxpayer dollars in court defending book bans and limits on what our public colleges and universities can teach that violate our First Amendment right to free speech. We need real leadership that puts upholding academic freedom, not politicians’ divisive agendas, first by upholding the rights of parents and students to make the best choice for themselves when it comes to their education.