New Video: Ron is The Great Divider

As Ron DeSantis continues to focus on his own political ambitions instead of the real issues facing everyday Floridians, he has enacted an agenda based on polarizing and dividing the people of our state. Whether it is overruling the rights of parents to choose what’s best for the health of their children, creating an environment for educators that is driving teachers out of the classroom during a historic shortage of education professionals, or ignoring the housing crisis in the state while his administration fails to get our emergency rental assistance to those in need and more property insurance companies go under every week, Ron DeSantis is only focused on what is best for Ron DeSantis. And he’s getting ready to take his presidential campaign on the road with some of the biggest election deniers in the country.

Today, DeSantis Watch is releasing a new video across social media platforms to highlight how the Governor’s divisive agenda only serves himself and the wealthy corporate donors who fund his political career. Titled “The Great Divider,” this video lays out the issues that are falling by the wayside as Ron DeSantis continues his relentless quest to use the people of Florida as a stepping stone on his climb up the political ladder.

“Whether it’s scolding children for listening to their parents or creating an environment of fear in our schools, Ron DeSantis’ divisive agenda is wreaking havoc on the lives of families throughout Florida,” said DeSantis Watch Constituencies Director Natasha Sutherland. “While he focuses on extreme primary voters in other states, the people of our state continue to struggle to pay rising rent and utility bills, to find affordable property insurance, or to send their child to a classroom with a full-time teacher. Floridians deserve better than The Great Divider as our Governor and need a leader focused on bringing us together to solve the real issues facing families in the state, not whatever has made the Governor mad enough for another Fox News appearance.”