New Video: Ron’s Presidential Campaign Travel Tour

Tomorrow, Governor Ron DeSantis will once again leave the state of Florida in pursuit of his presidential ambitions as he continues his “Little Big Liars” tour. In Pennsylvania, the Governor will campaign for Republican gubernatorial nominee Doug Mastriano, who wants an outright abortion ban with no exceptions for rape or incest and is fresh off refusing to answer questions under subpoena from the House January 6 Committee. During the Ohio stop, the Governor will offer his support of Republican Senate candidate JD Vance, who has argued against rape and incest exceptions in abortion bans by labeling them “inconvenient” circumstances and who unabashedly supports the racist “replacement theory.”

Abandoning the state he’s supposed to lead is nothing new for Ron DeSantis, who over the course of the last year has hopscotched the country for GOP presidential cattle calls and to hear directly from the billionaire and corporate donors who are bankrolling his political career. Just since last August, Ron DeSantis has made stops to collect checks or play to far-right primary voters in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Silicon Valley, California, New Jersey, New York, South Carolina, Texas, Nebraska, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and Montana.

Watch our latest video.

In order to highlight all of DeSantis’ out-of-state travel to visit the ultra-wealthy and run for president, DeSantis Watch is releasing a new video entitled “Ron’s Presidential Campaign Travel Tour”, a digital video that tracks the Governor’s private jet tour across the country. The video contains a helpful map of all the different states Florida’s Governor has been spending time in instead of the one he is elected to serve. Here in the state, Floridians continue to suffer under massive rent hikes and skyrocketing property insurance rates, almost 20% of residents remain uninsured, and workers in every county in the state earn less than the national average weekly wage. Meanwhile, Ron DeSantis remains laser focused on his top priority: himself.

“Instead of addressing the needs of everyday Floridians, Ron DeSantis continues to travel the country pandering to presidential primary voters and meeting with his billionaire buddies to bolster his political career,” said DeSantis Watch Communications Director Anders Croy. “While the Governor stumps tomorrow for his fellow anti-abortion extremists and proponents of the Big Lie, Floridians will still be unable to afford Ron’s rising rents and thousands of students throughout the state won’t have full time teachers. It would be nice if we had a Governor whose ambitions included the courage to solve the real issues we face each day instead of focusing on advancing his own political aspirations.”