Ron’s Property Insurance Tax on Floridians

Under Governor Ron DeSantis, Florida’s property insurance market is a disaster. Right now, Floridians are paying triple the national average in costs for property insurance and premiums have increased 112.8% since DeSantis took office in 2019. When confronted with the reality of this crisis, Governor DeSantis called for a special session which resulted in a $2 billion bailout of the insurance industry, with no relief for homeowners.

As a result of the Governor’s relentless focus on his own political ambitions instead of solving the real issues impacting the people of Florida, eight property insurance companies have now gone into liquidation since he took office, including five this year alone. The situation has gotten so dire that Florida’s Republican leadership is now looking for ways to socialize the property insurance market.

This has led to homeowners in Florida now being charged a 2% DeSantis property insurance tax through 2023. The current situation has made the homeowners insurance companies in Florida so happy that State Farm gifted the Governor with a nearly $155,000 campaign account windfall in one day last month. 

“The DeSantis insurance tax will increase premiums for every homeowner in Florida at a time when housing costs are devastating workers and seniors throughout the state,” said DeSantis Watch Communications Director Anders Croy. “While Ron DeSantis and his cronies do the bidding of the insurance industry, Floridians are being crushed by skyrocketing housing costs. As Ron runs for president and does the bidding of his donors, Floridians are left behind to pay the price for his boundless ambition at our expense.”