Ron Continues His Campaign For President at RNC Retreat

This weekend, Governor Ron DeSantis will be attending and giving a speech at the Republican National Committee Fall Retreat in Orlando as a “special guest” for the event. Ron’s attendance at another gathering of billionaire donors and his fellow extremist politicians is no surprise to Floridians who are accustomed to their Governor putting his ambitions for higher office ahead of addressing the needs of the people he was elected to serve. 

While attending the event, national donors can expect to hear about Ron’s divisive and unpopular agenda to allow the permitless carry of guns with no training in Florida, his support of book bans in our schools, and a strong dose of whining about the media being mean to him. What they probably won’t hear about are his plans for an outright abortion ban in Florida if he is reelected, because he refuses to address the issue, and any plan to address the massive housing affordability crisis in the state, for which he has been handsomly rewarded by the real estate and private equity industries.

“There is no gathering of billionaires and political extremists that Ron DeSantis won’t drop everything to attend if he thinks it could help him in his run for higher office,” said DeSantis Watch Constituencies Director Natasha Sutherland. “While Floridians continue to struggle with Ron’s rising rents, a collapsing property insurance market, and utility rates that are going through the roof, the Governor remains solely focused on serving his own ambitions instead of the people of our state. As Ron rubs shoulders with the ultra wealthy and his party bosses, it is workers and seniors in Florida who will continue to worry about their ability to pay the bills and not the Governor’s presidential primary chances.”