DeSantis Watch Statement on Ron’s Tax Stunt

Today, Governor Ron DeSantis announced future tax proposals if he is reelected this fall.

In response, DeSantis Watch Communications Director Anders Croy issued the following statement:

“When Floridians needed real relief from rising rents, skyrocketing property insurance rates, and out of control utility bills, Ron DeSantis instead did the bidding of developers, billionaires, insurance companies, and the corporate utilities that fund his political campaigns. Instead of spending the more than $20 billion in budget surpluses on teacher raises, rent relief, or an immediate gas tax cut for Floridians, Ron hoarded the money and let everyday people suffer in order to allow his donors to rake in record profits while he campaigned for higher office. Students, workers, and seniors in Florida didn’t need a $2 billion giveaway to the insurance industry or tax refunds for our wealthiest corporations, they need real relief in the most unaffordable state in the country for housing and today’s announcement won’t keep a roof over anyone’s head in our state tonight.”