New Video: Our Time

Throughout his time in office, Governor Ron DeSantis has attacked the freedoms of the Floridians he was elected to serve. As Florida’s affordability crisis has ballooned, with rentsproperty insurance, and electric bills skyrocketing, the Governor has remained laser focused on his own political ambitions. Instead of focusing on the real issues impacting Floridians, Ron DeSantis appealed to far-right presidential primary voters by banning books and honest history, attacking LGBTQ+ children and families, and signing an abortion ban with no exceptions for rape and incest.

As Floridians head to the polls tomorrow, on Election Day, DeSantis Watch is releasing a new video titled “Our Time” to highlight the opportunity voters have to make their voices heard about the future of our state.

“Floridians deserve a state where freedom is more than just a campaign slogan,” said DeSantis Watch Communications Director Anders Croy. “While Ron DeSantis has been running for president by stoking division, the people of our state are still struggling to pay the bills as the powerful special interests funding his campaign rake in record profits. For every Floridian who wants a brighter future where everyone has the opportunity to live their version of the American Dream, Election Day is our time to make it happen!”