DeSantis Watch Statement on Tonight’s Election Results

Following the results of tonight’s gubernatorial election, DeSantis Watch Communications Director Anders Croy issues the following statement:

“Over the last four years, Governor Ron DeSantis has relentlessly attacked the freedoms of Floridians who disagreed with him politically in order to appeal to far-right primary voters throughout the country. Due to his neglect, Florida has become unaffordable for Floridians, with skyrocketing housing costs, utility bills that are through the roof, and a collapsing property insurance market leaving workers and seniors struggling to pay the bills. While tonight’s election is over, we know millions of Floridians rejected the Governor’s extreme and divisive agenda in favor of building a future where we can all live our version of the American Dream.

“As Ron DeSantis pivots to a run for national office, literally leaving behind the people he was elected to serve, DeSantis Watch will continue to hold him accountable for his failures in leadership and his harmful policies that make everyone less free.”