DeSantis Watch Launches Digital Display Ads While Ron Pampers His Billionaire & Corporate Donors

Later today, Governor Ron DeSantis will kick off a three day retreat at the swanky Four Seasons Resort Palm Beach with his supporters ahead of the launch of his presidential campaign. All throughout the weekend the Governor will pamper his large billionaire and corporate donors while wining and dining them over cocktails and cigars. 

In order to help welcome some of America’s most wealthy and powerful individuals to the event, DeSantis Watch has launched digital display ads to highlight that Ron DeSantis is committed to serving the billionaires and corporate elite who fund his relentless political ambitions.

These ads will run on mobile devices within a one mile radius of the Four Seasons Resort Palm Beach and Mar-a-Lago to hold the Governor accountable to his constituents in Florida.

“Ron DeSantis is a fake populist who works every single day to do the bidding of billionaires and the corporate elite at the expense of the people he was elected to serve,” said DeSantis Watch Communications Director Anders Croy. “Throughout his time as Governor, Ron DeSantis has given the largest corporations in Florida billions of dollars in taxpayer handouts and refunds, all while he raised sales taxes on workers, students, and seniors by more than a billion dollars. As costs rise throughout the state from skyrocketing rents, property and automobile insurance premiums, and utility rates, Floridians should know that Ron DeSantis is only serving the people who line his campaign accounts, not you.”