“Raising Taxes Ron”: DeSantis Watch Digital Video Highlights Ron’s Record of Raising Taxes

Throughout his time as a politician, Governor Ron DeSantis has shown a strong desire to raise taxes on working families and seniors, while providing massive tax breaks and handouts to the wealthy and corporate elite.

During his time in Congress, where he helped co-found the extreme far-right “Freedom” Caucus, DeSantis was a three-time co-sponsor of the FairTax Act, a radical plan that would eliminate all corporate, income, and estate taxes while imposing a 30% national sales tax on things like groceries, medications, and even rent. This would result in a massive tax break for the richest Americans while raising taxes on the majority of people. Eliminating the corporate income tax would also save the largest corporations billions of dollars a year.

As governor, DeSantis has lavished wealthy special interests in Florida with billions in tax breakshandouts, and refunds that benefit billionaires and the corporate elite, while at the same time signing legislation in the dead of night that raised taxes on consumers by over a billion dollars.

In order to highlight the Governor’s record of raising taxes on consumers while providing billions in tax breaks to the billionaires and wealthy corporations who fund his political ambitions, DeSantis Watch has released a new digital video, “Raising Taxes Ron,” to give people the tools they need to hold him accountable.

Additionally, Governor DeSantis has also given the insurance industry, which has donated almost $10 million to his political campaigns, a total of $3 billion in taxpayer handouts while Florida’s property insurance rates have more than doubled under his watch. 

“Ron DeSantis’ tax plans are simple: you pay more while the billionaires and corporate elites who fund his political ambitions pay less,” said DeSantis Watch Communications Director Anders Croy. “Whether it is raising taxes on consumers by $1 billion to fund tax breaks for powerful special interests or proposing a radical plan to impose a 30% national sales tax on our groceries, rents, and other everyday items, Ron DeSantis has dedicated his time as a politician to increasing costs for workers, seniors, and students. Higher taxes and rising costs for Floridians while the wealthy and well-connected pay less is the Ron DeSantis blueprint.”