“Decisions”: New Video from DeSantis Watch Spotlights Ron’s Near-Total Abortion Ban

Yesterday, behind closed doors at the Capitol and while many Floridians were sleeping, Governor Ron DeSantis briefly returned to the state from campaigning for President in Ohio to sign into law SB 300, a near-total abortion ban that limits care to a time before many women even know they are pregnant.

In order to hold the Governor accountable for this draconian attack on reproductive freedom, DeSantis Watch has released a new digital video titled “Decisions” that highlights the invasive nature of this new law that places politicians in between a patient and their doctor when making private medical choices.

The Governor’s late night signing of this legislation, which recent polling by the University of North Florida found was opposed by 75% of Floridians, represents a pattern by DeSantis of signing broadly unpopular legislation out of the public eye. During this legislative session, the Governor has also signed into law a massive giveaway to the insurance industry that will limit Floridians’ ability to hold their carriers accountable and dangerous permitless carry legislation that will allow people to carry a loaded, concealed gun without training, a background check, or a license without the usual fanfare that accompany DeSantis bill signings.

“Ron DeSantis’ cowardly retreat behind closed doors to strip millions of Floridians of their bodily autonomy and reproductive freedom is appalling,” said DeSantis Watch Constituencies Director Natasha Sutherland. “While the Governor continues to prioritize his political ambition to run for President, his actions betray the fact that he knows this horrific near-total abortion ban is broadly unpopular with the majority of people outside of those on the far-right in early primary states. We cannot afford Ron DeSantis’ extreme agenda that continues to put lives at risk and does nothing to fix the real issues, like our state’s affordability crisis, that are impacting Floridians every day.”