IOWA: DeSantis Watch Launches Paid Broadcast TV, Digital, & Radio Ads While Ron Campaigns for President

This weekend, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will continue his flailing campaign for president with two stops in Iowa at Republican fundraisers. 

As Ron DeSantis once again abandons the state he was elected to govern, DeSantis Watch, a project of DW PAC, is launching a five-figure ad buy across broadcast television, digital platforms, and radio to introduce his extreme agenda to Iowans. 

On broadcast television, an ad titled “Russian Doll” lays out Governor DeSantis’ record of giving massive tax cuts to billionaires and the corporate elite while advocating for slashing Social Security and Medicare benefits for Americans, modeling the same corruption of his political idol Donald Trump.

For digital, “Broken Promise” highlights how Iowans who have worked hard their whole lives cannot trust Ron DeSantis to keep the promise of secure retirement they’re counting on with his record of supporting billions in cuts to Social Security and Medicare.

Listeners on the radio will hear “Reference,” which outlines the ongoing affordability crisis in Florida with skyrocketing property insurance and utility rates while Ron DeSantis has given billions in taxpayer handouts to the same insurance companies price-gouging policyholders.

This ad buy in Iowa follows previous digital and radio campaigns during the Governor’s visits to New Hampshire and South Carolina in April.

“As Ron DeSantis continues his cratering dog-and-pony show campaign for President, it is vital that Iowans know what his real blueprint for America would mean for them and their families,” said DeSantis Watch Communications Director Anders Croy. “The only people who are winning in Florida are the billionaires and corporate elites whose profits go through the roof while Ron DeSantis gives them billions in tax handouts as our costs continue to rise and our wages stay low. Not only that, Ron DeSantis has a long record of supporting billions in cuts to Social Security and Medicare that would break the promise our country has made to millions of hard working Americans. Iowans cannot afford Ron DeSantis.”

“Russian Doll” – Transcript

Narrator: He fueled the rise of costs.

Newscast: “Even more double digit rate hikes this year.”

Narrator: Gave handouts to donors, billionaires and corporations, and wants to pay for it by cutting Social Security and Medicare.

While Americans struggle to get ahead, he increases taxes.

Cozied up to corruption.

All ego, no service.

And we’re not talking about Trump.

Iowans can’t afford Ron DeSantis.

“Broken Promise” – Transcript

Narrator: As Iowans, we work hard, and we deserve the secure retirement we were promised.

But Ron Desantis voted to cut billions from Social Security and Medicare, breaking that promise to families like ours.

That’s wrong.

We can’t trust Ron DeSantis.

“Reference” – Transcript

Ringing, ringing, ringing…


Florida Woman: Hello?

Iowa Woman: Hello! Are you Jane from Florida?

Florida Woman: Yes, and who’s this?

Iowa Woman: Judy, from Iowa. I’m calling you for a reference.

Florida Woman: For who?

Iowa Woman: Your Governor, Ron DeSantis. He’s here, asking us for a job, so I wanted to find out how he’s done for you?

Florida Woman gives a resigned laugh…

Florida Woman: Well…Do you like paying higher insurance rates?

Iowa Woman: No.

Florida Woman: Then you won’t like Ron DeSantis! Under DeSantis, our property insurance rates doubled!

Iowa Woman: Doubled?!

Florida Woman: And that was after he gave those same insurance companies a big ol’ government handout!

Iowa Woman sighs in disapproval.

Florida Woman: We’re also seeing some of the country’s biggest hikes in utility costs.

Iowa Woman: Ron DeSantis’ Florida sounds expensive…

Florida Woman: Ron DeSantis’ Florida is unaffordable…

And you can’t trust anything he says.

The man even supported a plan to cut Social Security.

Iowa woman gasps.

Florida Woman: I hope this has helped.

Iowa Woman: Oh it has, it has.

Phone hangs up.

Narrator: Ron DeSantis: wrong for Iowa.