STATEMENT: DeSantis Watch on Ron’s Billionaire Backed Official Campaign Launch

Today, Governor Ron DeSantis filed paperwork to end his monthslong shadow campaign and will officially kick-off his run for president during a Twitter Spaces announcement featuring billionaires Elon Musk and David Sacks later this evening.

In response, DeSantis Watch Communications Director Anders Croy issued the following statement:

“Our nation cannot afford Ron DeSantis as president. Throughout his time in office, Ron DeSantis has waged an unrelenting assault on the freedoms of the people of Florida, all the while showering his billionaire and corporate elite donors with billions in taxpayer handouts as the cost of housing, property and auto insurance, and utility rates skyrocketed. In Ron DeSantis’ Florida, politicians have been empowered to interfere with patients’ private medical decisions, criminals are free to carry hidden, loaded guns without a permit or background check, and insurance companies are encouraged to price gouge their customers without fear of being held accountable when they refuse to pay rightful claims to those in need.

“As a congressman, Ron DeSantis repeatedly broke the promise we made as Americans to provide our seniors with a safe and secure retirement when he voted to slash billions from Social Security and Medicare, showered the ultra-wealthy with trillions in tax cuts, and tried to take away health care access for millions of people with pre-existing conditions. The only thing the American people can trust about Ron DeSantis is that he has absolutely no true ideological beliefs besides his own desire to gain and accumulate power no matter who he has to hurt in the process. For the sake of democracy, for the sake of our nation, and for the brighter future that each one of us deserves where we have the freedom to live our own version of the American Dream, we must stop Ron DeSantis from becoming president of our United States.”