DeSantis Watch Welcomes Ron to Milwaukee with Private Jet Pricing Digital Ads

Tonight, as Ron DeSantis takes his increasingly desperate campaign for president to Milwaukee for the first Republican primary debate, DeSantis Watch, a project of DW PAC, will welcome him to the Badger State with digital display ads highlighting his failing economic record in Florida and what it would mean for the nation.

It’s no secret that Ron DeSantis loves private jets and has a taste for living the lifestyle of the rich and famous. That’s why DeSantis Watch will be launching digital display ads geofencing a one mile radius around Fiserv Forum this evening advertising Ron’s Private Jet Pricing Plan for the country that reflects how his affinity for high-end, luxury items has been passed down to working Floridians in the form of massive increases in costs that everyday Americans can’t afford. 

Under Ron DeSantis’ Private Jet Pricing Plan that he wants to bring to America:

“As Florida’s Governor, Ron DeSantis has done the bidding of his billionaire and corporate elite donors to raise costs on basic necessities in exchange for luxury trips on private jets and exclusive access to members only golf clubs,” said DeSantis Watch Communications Director Anders Croy. “While the rich get richer under Ron DeSantis and corporate profits skyrocket, working Floridians and seniors can barely afford to keep a roof over their heads and groceries on the table. Ron DeSantis may have cashed in his position as Governor to access the finer things in life, but everyday Americans can’t afford the private jet lifestyle he loves to enjoy.”