DeSantis Watch Statement on Ron’s Continued Abandonment of the People of Florida

As Floridians in the Big Bend continue to recover from the devastating impacts of Hurricane Idalia, it is being reported that Governor Ron DeSantis will return to his flailing campaign for president today with a series of fundraisers in Pennsylvania.

In response, DeSantis Watch Constituencies Director Natasha Sutherland released the following statement:

“As communities across the Big Bend continue to come together in mutual aid to recover from Hurricane Idalia, Ron DeSantis is wasting no time getting back to work for the only constituents he really cares about: the billionaires and corporate elites who fund his political ambitions. While Floridians continue to pay his six-figure taxpayer-funded salary from homes still without power, the Governor will be begging the wealthy and well-to-do for thousands of dollars each to help keep afloat his failing campaign for president. This is just another sign that the Governor will always abandon the people he was elected to serve to benefit himself and it further proves that America cannot afford Ron DeSantis as president.”