DeSantis Watch Launches Spanish-Language Radio Ad in South Florida Ahead of GOP Presidential Primary Debate

Tomorrow, Governor Ron DeSantis will take a break from proving to the people of Iowa that the more you get to know him, the less you like him, to participate in the third GOP presidential primary debate in Miami. 

The Governor will return to the state he was elected to govern to find that his constituents in South Florida continue to be crushed under skyrocketing property insurancehousing, and health care costs, with seniors struggling with the highest inflation rates in the country increasingly being forced out of their homes, making Florida no longer the number one state for retirees.

For many Hispanic families in South Florida, this has meant tough conversations about how increased costs are impacting their budgets. To highlight this growing issue, DeSantis Watch, a project of DW PAC, will be running an ad on Spanish-language radio stations in South Florida on the day of the debate titled “Nuestras Familias” that imagines a conversation between a mother and her daughter detailing how rising costs around housing are making it harder to pay the bills, as well as how Ron DeSantis’ previous votes to cut Social Security and Medicare would have devastating impacts for seniors.

The ad will run during drive time as part of morning and afternoon programming on Radio Mambi and Actualidad Radio in South Florida on November 8. 

“Over phone calls and at kitchen tables throughout South Florida, our families are all having similar conversations: we simply cannot afford to live in Ron DeSantis’ Florida,” said DeSantis Watch Latino Constituency Communications Director Lisa Zayas. “Under Ron DeSantis, our housing costs have gone through the roof, while at the same time the Governor has signed off on billions of dollars in taxpayer-funded giveaways to the same property insurance companies and developers price gouging us out of our homes. Seniors can barely put food on the table or afford the price of their prescriptions, but Ron DeSantis would slash their Social Security and Medicare benefits. We need a governor and a president who is focused on lowering our costs, raising our wages, and creating an affordable future for all of us, but Ron DeSantis has proven that he only cares about his own political ambitions and the billionaires and corporate elites who line his own pockets with campaign cash.”

Full Transcript of Ad (English): 

Phone rings

Mother: Hello darling, how are you?

Daughter: Well, mami, I’m a bit worried. My rent went up and with my salary I won’t be able to afford it!

Mother: Oh, my love! I’d offer help – but between the cost of your grandma’s health care and the increase in property insurance, we barely make ends meet!

Daughter: I know, mami. We work so hard and with the cost of living in Florida, we don’t get a break!

Mother: True! And now your father wants to retire, but we don’t know if he’ll have Social Security!

Daughter: What are you talking about?!

Mother: Exactly – and Ron DeSantis, the Governor, is the reason our costs are going up and he’s doing nothing about it. He even wants to cut Social Security and Medicare. And now he wants to become president! He’s awful!

Daughter: No, that can’t happen! We can’t afford to have him as president. We need a leader who puts our families first. And that’s not Ron DeSantis!

Full Transcript of Ad (Spanish):

El teléfono suena

Madre: ¿Hola, hija, qué tal?

Hija: Aquí, mami, preocupada. ¡Mi renta subió y el salario no me alcanza para pagarla!

Madre: ¡Ay niña! Quiero ayudarte pero entre el costo de salud de tu abuela, y el aumento en el seguro de la casa, ¡el dinero no da!

Hija: Yo sé mami. ¡Tan duro que trabajamos y los costos aquí en la Florida no nos dan respiro!

Madre: ¡Fígurate tú! Y ahora que tu padre quiere retirarse, ¡no sabemos si tendrá seguro social!

Hija: ¿Qué? ¿Cómo así?

Madre: Así mismo – y el gobernador Ron DeSantis, él es la razón de que nuestros costos suban y no hace nada. Incluso quiere recortar el seguro social y el Medicare. ¡Y ahora quiere ser presidente! ¡Es una barbaridad!

Hija: ¡No puede ser! No podemos darnos el lujo de tenerlo como presidente. Necesitamos un líder que ponga a nuestras familias primero. Y ese ¡no es Ron DeSantis!