NEW: DeSantis Watch Slams Florida’s Absentee Governor with “I Was In Iowa” Digital Video

While Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been busy denying the reality of his sinking campaign for president, his actual constituents in the state he was elected to serve continue to suffer the consequences for his failures of leadership back home.

Floridians are paying the highest property and auto insurance costs in the country, children are being kicked off their health care while workers are struggling to afford coverage, and taxpayers are shelling out millions of dollars defending the Governor’s unconstitutional laws in court.

The people of Florida deserve to know the truth about where their absentee Governor has been spending his time while they struggle to pay the bills, see the doctor, and wonder why the state government cannot afford programs to improve their lives. In order to highlight where the Governor is directing his focus, DeSantis Watch, a project of DW PAC, is releasing a new digital video titled “I Was In Iowa” to allow him to tell his constituents, in his own words, why he is missing in action from his $141,000 a year taxpayer-funded job.

“Ron DeSantis is a failure as a leader and now he wants to run away to Iowa to hide from the affordability crisis he created, the sick children he’s kicking off their health care, and the taxpayers in Florida he’s left on the hook for his extreme and unconstitutional laws,” said DeSantis Watch Communications Director Anders Croy. “If Ron DeSantis wants to replace the most unpopular governor in America, he should buy a house in Des Moines and stop treating his taxpayer-funded paycheck as a credit card from Floridians to pay his bills while he bails on the job he was elected to do. Workers, seniors, and children in our state have real issues that need to be addressed but ‘Nero’ Ron DeSantis is only focused on fiddling to far-right primary voters a thousand miles away while Florida burns in his absence.”

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