DeSantis Watch Statement on Ron Suspending His Campaign for President

TALLAHASSEE — Following Governor Ron DeSantis’ decision to suspend his campaign for president, DeSantis Watch Communications Director Anders Croy released the following statement:

“For the last five years, Florida’s Governor has waged a relentless battle against the freedoms of the people of his own state. This was all part of Ron DeSantis’ embarrassing attempt to climb the political ladder while mimicking the hand motions, mannerisms, and abject cruelty of the tin-pot dictator whose extreme agenda he fashioned into a sharp point to inflict pain on his ideological enemies.

“As the state he was elected to serve burned under his watch and the Governor’s inherent cruelties piled up, the corporate elite donors who funded his grotesqueries saw their profits soar in a spiraling affordability crisis that has left working Floridians and seniors struggling to stay afloat. All the while, our classrooms were emptied of books, LGBTQ+ families were driven out of our state, patients were denied the health care they needed, and millions lived in fear that they would be the next to be targeted.

“The Florida Blueprint was never about helping people succeed or bettering the lives of those in need. It was a battle cry to the far-right to turn back the clock on hard won rights and freedoms, all so that Ron DeSantis could trudge through subzero cold in Iowa for a thirty point loss.

“Today, the Florida Blueprint is the kindling for the funeral pyre of Ron DeSantis’ national political ambitions.

“Now, the hard work continues to reverse the damage those ambitions have caused in Florida. Onward in the fight.”